Success Stories: Presentations

CubeSats: Thoughts from an Industry Perspective

MacGillivray's (Mgr. NanoSat Programs, Boeing) presentation (Powerpoint) at the CubeSat Workshop, August 9,2009, Logan Utah.  Compares requirements and applications of CubeSats by university educators and students vs industry.  Boeing launched a CubeSat demonstrator that has been functioning successfully for over 21 months and transmitting data.  Boeing has an ongoing interest in future commercial applications of CubeSats. 

Impact of Space on Society

“A presentation to the international Congress on Space Research on its 50th Anniversary. “During the last fifty years, space has had a profound impact on our societies. It has facilitated the globally interdependent world in which we live. It has altered our sense of our place in the universe. It has created technically competent workforces, stimulated our economies, enhanced our lives, vastly increased our knowledge of Earth, our solar system and the universe beyond. It is my fervent hope that in the years ahead we will be called upon to do so much more. We can make it a much better world for all of our societies, if only we are set loose and supported to do so.” Fisk provides the top-level benefits story that needs to accompany the economic opportunities of entrepreneurial space for broad public understanding and support of this new enterprise.

Commercial Orbital Transportation System (COTS) - Status

Logsdon’s presentation provides an update on the SpaceX and Orbital Sciences milestones for COTS. It also provides an update on COTS Phase II awards on December 28, 2008 for cargo transport services to low Earth orbit to SpaceX and Orbital Sciences. A protest is underway by PlanetSpace who participated in the competition.

Can Knowledge Management Help Innovation?

The CSG contains a rich knowledge base of entrepreneurial space content and opinions. The short, focused presentation shows how such knowledge can be used by science-based companies to further innovation. One of the goals of the CSG is to foster collaborative innovation, so please comments on the value you see here for our community.

Tissue Engineering in Microgravity

Microgravity offers distinct advantages for the engineering of tissues. This presentation by Neal Pellis, a world expert in the field, explains why and summarizes what we have learned so far.