Success Stories: News

(NASA Press Release) Endeavor (STS-130) Blasts Off With Last ISS Crew Module Before Completion

The Aurora module allowing crew observations has now been launched to the ISS and is the last crew module to be added before completion. It was a spectacular night launch reminding us that the Space Shuttle is nearing the end of its life.

(Press Release) Orbitec to provide environmental control and life support for Bigelow's Sundancer

"ORBITEC’s Human Support Systems and Instrumentation Division continues its relationship with Bigelow Aerospace to develop and integrate ORBITEC'S cost-effective environmental control and life support systems, subsystems, and components for Sundancer and commercial space travel and habitation.

Robert Bigelow, President and owner of Bigelow Aerospace stated that “We have had a long standing beneficial relationship with ORBITEC. Their capabilities and commercial business practice mesh well with our company.” Mr. Bigelow also states “My expectation for ORBITEC to provide safe and reliable solutions, to build and deliver on time, and to collaboratively work with my team to provide cost effective product is the reason I have them on the Bigelow team.”