NGOs: Websites

Space Flight Laboratory | Univ. of Toronto Instit. for Aerospace Studies

This university-based organization that's "building Canada's future in space" developes small satellites and flight payloads for a wide range of space research applications.  They also utilize graduate students in their endeavors, help arrange university-developed payload launches, and provide hands-on training. 

The Canadian Space Commerce Association

“The Canadian Space Commerce Association is a collaboration of Canadian entrepreneurs interested in the commercial opportunities available in the development of space and opening the space frontier. The CSCA exists to advance a favorable economic, legal and political environment for Canadian entrepreneurs in this field, and to promote positive public recognition of the socioeconomic benefits to all Canadians from investing in this development.” Their annual meeting is scheduled for Mar 19, 2009, in Toronto, Canada.

Silicon Valley Space Club - Overview

“Bringing the spirit of Silicon Valley to Space Commercialization” The SVSC was started several years ago focused on this mission. Weekly telecons are held with members to review meetings attended, upcoming events, recent milestones and collaboration formation, and advocacy actions underway and to be taken on behalf of fostering space commercialization. The SVSC has members from all industry sectors including NASA, space R&D, entrepreneurs, professional media, space commercialization advocates, and more.

Space Space: Blog for Next Gen Space Pros

The “Space Space” blog is “the online spot for the next generation of space professionals”, including those involved in commercial space. It is managed by the California Space Education and Workforce Institute (CSEWI) and sponsored by the California Space Authority. It has hot content for those who will be key players in aerospace and commercial space and invites you to join them.