NGOs: Reports

Commercial Spaceflight Federation: 2009 Annual Report

“This report showcases a year’s worth of exciting progress for the commercial spaceflight industry and the members of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation,” says Bretton Alexander, Commercial Spaceflight Federation President, in the opening page of the report. 

America's Future in Space: Aligning the Civil Space Program with National Needs

"The U.S. civil space program should be aligned with widely acknowledged national challenges, says a new report from the National Research Council. Aligning the program with pressing issues - environmental, economic, and strategic - is a national imperative, and will continue to grow in importance. Coordination across federal agencies, combined with a competent technical work force, effective infrastructure, and investment in technology and innovation, would lay the foundation for a purposeful, strategic U.S. space program that would serve national interests." "The report also recommends revitalizing NASA's advanced technology development program by establishing a DARPA-like organization within NASA to support priority civil and commercial space programs, and development of "dual-use" space technologies, with both civil and defense applications."

American Perception of Space Exploration | CCSA

This is a very useful report by the Center for Cultural Studies & Analysis (CCSA) that places the public view of the value of space exploration within the context of a national vision for the future. One conclusion is that "NASA does not have a branding problem; it has a communications problem, in that people do not understand the connection between the NASA brand and its current activities." Since space commerce is closely associated with NASA's brand, the conclusions reached are important for branding the emerging commercial space market and the potential value to its stakeholders. .

SEC Recommendations to the NASA President-Elect Transition Team (PETT)

Commercial space-related recommendations included: • Continue COTS-like partnerships. • Increased on-ramps for commercial opportunities. • “Don’t reinvent the wheel”- use existing commercial satellite service providers for data, voice and video communications applications. • A national investment in NASA will ensure we remain global leaders in high technology and inspire thousands to study the science, technology, engineering, and mathematical (STEM) disciplines."