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"Meet the Entrepreneurs" of the Commercial Human Spaceflight Industry | CSF

The Commercial Spaceflight Federation is the industry association site for the commercial human spaceflight industry which now includes about 20 companies.  Each of the CEOs of these companies are profiled on this section of their site. 

"The Space Show" hosted by: Dr. David Livingston

Dr. David Livingston is a business consultant, financial advisor, and strategic planner as well as interview host and creator of the pioneering space commerce-focused online production, “The Space Show”. Livingston is an accomplished personal speaker, writer and consultant in the area of future space exploration. He has lectured extensively on the topics of: business ethics and corporate responsibility for off-Earth business ventures and New Space Industries, and has written a Code of Ethics for Off-Earth Commerce. He frequently lectures on venture capital financing for new space businesses, RLVs and space tourism, effective business planning, and developing solutions to the barriers to space enterprise.

Livingston has also served as an adjunct professor in the Graduate School of Business at Golden Gate University teaching Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. He earned his BA from the University of Arizona, an MBA in International Business Management from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, and his doctorate in business administration (DBA) at Golden Gate. His doctoral dissertation was titled “Outer Space Commerce: Its History and Prospects”.

HobbySpace - Home

This pioneering site links space endeavors to broad public interests. Increasingly, its profiling of “alt-space” goals and progress is blazing a trail in that area too. Lindsey’s “Tenants” below provide the best window into his motivations.

“HobbySpace Tenants: * The development of space will only be successful when the general public becomes directly involved. * Incremental, step-by-small-step development can achieve permanent human settlement. * Private, commercial entrepreneurial enterprises can make most of these steps. * Small, niche markets can be sufficient to support those companies.”