Personal Spaceflight: Reports

Commercial Spaceflight Federation: 2009 Annual Report

“This report showcases a year’s worth of exciting progress for the commercial spaceflight industry and the members of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation,” says Bretton Alexander, Commercial Spaceflight Federation President, in the opening page of the report. 

Commercial Human Space Travel Provides New Research Opportunities

Katharine Sanderson's Special Report in Nature describes how commercial spaceflight can open doors for lower-cost, more frequent, flexible access to space for researchers (subscript or fee req'd).  See free editorial, "Divide and Conquer",  same issue, same topic.

Ex-ESA Officials Claim "Space Tourism is a Hoax"!

Who is selling tickets to people from $20K to $200K to access orbital space?  Not the suborbital spaceflight industry as Engstrom and Pfeffer claim! 

Notes on "Innovations in Orbit: An Exploration of Commercial Crew & Cargo Transportation"

These notes were taken by Clark Lindsey of HobbySpace.Com in collaboration with Ken Davidian, FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation. Davidian was one of the panel participants in this important AIAA-sponsored event in Washington, DC, June 18, 2009. The meeting was held at Hyatt Regency Washington, Capitol Hill and included commercial space industry and government panels followed by a Q&A session.

Taking Wing: Liftoff for public space travel

“How do you form a business around a hoped-for hunger by the public to fly to the edge of space?” David provides an insider’s view of how Virgin Galactic has teamed with Scaled Composites to make commercial spaceflight a viable business. A Feb ’09 update on this steadily progessing business endeavor.

NewSpace Nation

“Jeff Krukin has written a much needed and practical introduction to the evolving entrepreneurial space industry. Drawing on his experience as Executive Director of the Space Frontier Foundation and as a NewSpace business consultant…, Jeff brings invaluable insight about an emerging industry that promises to significantly impact our lives. Whether you are an investor, space exploration aficionado, or someone who just wants to know about these vehicles that will one day soon fly overhead, this primer should be on your must read list.” (review by Patti Grace Smith, former Assist Admin. of Commercial Space Transportation at FAA on the publisher’s web site at

Analysis of Human Spaceflight Safety: Report to Congress, 11 Nov 2008

This report, initiated by congress was sponsored by the FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation. It is an independent Study Mandated by Commercial Space Launch Amendments Act of 2004 (Public Law 108-492) that covers safety, operations, current guidelines and makes recommendations in 8 areas for safe human spaceflight driven by the emergence of the private spaceflight industry (space tourism).

Biology-Based Technology for Exploration

This report, published by the National Research Council, addresses technology needs for extended-duration stays in space, such as orbital tourism or extended space exploration.