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Spaceplanes: From Airport to Spaceport (Astronomers' Universe)

By Matthew A. Bentley

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"Spaceplanes From Airport to Spaceport presents a vision of the near future in which space vehicles can take off from an international airport, refuel in space, and fly regularly between the Earth and the Moon. The book is built on the solid engineering foundation prepared by David Ashford in his book Spaceflight Revolution, but develops the argument.

This is a coherent, lucid, and optimistic picture of the future – aimed directly at the reader as a future space passenger – which explains why the Space Tourist market could easily become the single most important factor in the mid-term future development of space transportation. In a few years it will be possible to board a spaceplane and fly into Earth orbit, and perhaps visit a space station. Later development could include refuelling in orbit to take a tour of cislunar space.

As the latest news has shown, the successful flight of SpaceShipOne and the imminent inauguration of Virgin Galactic’s sub-orbital rides from the New Mexico desert have already begun this process.

This book explains the technical details of precisely how all this can be accomplished within the next few decades."

Selling Peace: Inside the Soviet Conspiracy that Transformed the U.S. Space Program (Apogee Books Space Series)

By Jeffrey Manber

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"Twenty years ago the door to greater commercial cooperation in space with Russia opened, albeit slowly and with considerable opposition in some quarters. Jeff Foust reviews an insider's account of the efforts to take advantage of Russian space capabilities in commercial ventures." From the Space Review

License to Orbit: The Future of Commercial Space Travel (Apogee Books Space Series)

By Joseph Pelton and Peter Marshall

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"Two leading experts on space systems with decades of experience in the field provide important and current insights on developments in today’s commercial space industry in this ambitious and extensively researched examination. The authors look at the lives, ambitions, and struggles of the billionaires funding and supporting this industry, while also examining the nature of the strained relations and alternative goals of space agencies versus the private space flight industry. The analysis even includes descriptions of the amazing new technologies that could revolutionize space exploration and space industries in the coming decades."

The Space Tourist's Handbook

By Eric C. Anderson and Joshua Piven

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"In May 2001, billionaire Dennis Tito made history as the first "space tourist"—he's the guy who paid $20 million to travel to the International Space Station. Since that landmark voyage, many others have followed in his footsteps—all courtesy of Space Adventures, the first travel agency devoted exclusively to outer space. But before you can blast off, there's plenty to learn. In this illustrated handbook, Space Adventures CEO Eric Anderson gives would-be space tourists the exact same training program that he gives to the billionaires. Here are step-by-step instructions for liftoff, sleeping in weightless environments, using the "vacuum toilet" on the spacecraft, living in zero gravity, and much more. It's all so informative, the instructors at Space Adventures are already integrating this handbook into their lesson plans. With more than 25 illustrations (and a special full-color section showing popular vacation "destinations"), The Space Tourist's Handbook is fascinating reading for amateur astronauts of all ages."

The Privatization of Space Exploration: Business, Technology, Law and Policy

By Lewis Solomon

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“A unique cook’s tour of the private sector’s plans and projects that have been directed towards getting us to the high frontier.” — James E. Katz, Chair and professor, Dept. of Communications, Rutgers University