Esther Dyson Talks About NewSpace

By Richard Mains, Posted 11/07/08

Ester Dyson, an early investor in such companies as Flickr and, several IT start-ups, and a recent investor in commercial space, explains the role that entrepreneurs now have in rapidly changing what has come to be called “NewSpace”. She likens it to “the way the internet, which began as a government project, suddenly really got big when it became a platform for commercial innovation.”

Dyson’s insights into commercial space investment stems in part from her Harvard degree in economics and being the daughter of theoretical physicist and mathematician Freeman Dyson, now President of the Space Studies Institute. Her mother is also a scientist.

Her current space investments include holdings in, Zero-G Corporation, XCOR Aerospace, Constellation Services International, and Space Adventures. Dyson has put her money where her mouth is by purchasing a ticket that includes Russian training and transport to the International Space Station via Space Adventures to experience true spaceflight along with ex-executive of Microsoft, Charles Simonyi, in 2009.

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