Explaining Research: How to Reach Key Audiences to Advance Your Work

By Dennis Meredith

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Explaining Research is the first comprehensive communications guidebook for scientists, engineers, and physicians. Drawing on knowledge gleaned from a forty-year career in research communications, Dennis Meredith maps out how scientists can utilize sophisticated tools and techniques to disseminate their discoveries to important audiences. He explains how to use websites, blogs, videos, webinars, old-fashioned lectures, news releases, and lay-level articles to reach key audiences, emphasizing along the way that a strong understanding of the audience in question will allow a more effective communication tailored to a unique background and set of needs.

In addition to drawing on the experience of the author, the book also includes excerpts from interviews with 45 of the country's leading science communications experts, including academics, authors, journalists, and public information officers."

As the entreprenerurial space market grows, the ability to explain clearly your innovation to potential collaborators in many disciplines will be critical. This book can help us all have more successfull communications for growth and sustainability.

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