Person Of The Year: The Space Entrepreneur | AVIATION WEEK

By Frank Morring, Jr., Aviation Week , Posted 01/04/10


Aviation Week and Space Technology, in an article titled "Person Of The Year: The Space Entrepreneur," reported that, "Space entrepreneurs had a big influence on aerospace in 2009, although it does not begin to compare with the impact they are likely to have in years to come." These people are "poised to transform" space access. Even though the government, especially Congress, "remains skeptical" of using commercial companies, space entrepreneurs are "at the center of the debate on how government astronauts will get to space; the very governments they have often disdained are potentially their biggest customers." During a recent House Science subcommittee hearing, some witnesses "criticized the Augustine panel as taking safety for granted in commercial human spaceflight. But proponents inherent in any worthwhile endeavor, and the space beyond Earth's atmosphere is never likely to become an integral part of mankind's economic and scientific sphere without it." Thanks to AIAA News.

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