Space, Gravity and the Physiology of Aging: Parallel or Convergent Disciplines?

By Joan Vernikos, Victor S. Schneider, Gerontology, Posted 10/24/09


Vernikos and Schneider are space life scientists who have conducted research for years within NASA on the similarities and intriguing differences between the rapid aging effects seen during the gravity deficit experienced in spaceflight, in best rest which simulates some of these changes on Earth by minimizing gravity effects, and within the aging process as we grow older and tend to be much less active.  They conclude that the research in these areas is actually converging to the benefit of better understanding of the critical role of gravity in keeping us fit and active.  They prepared this short review article for a journal titled, "Gerontology", but it is accessible to all interested readers.  There are potential commercial applications to utilizing this knowledge to allow us to experience "active aging" and lead a more vital life. 

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