(Space Fellowship) Flight VA226 success: with Sky Muster and ARSAT-2 in orbit, Arianespace serves Australia and Argentina

By , Posted 10/01/15

Link: http://spacefellowship.com/news/art45969/flight-va226-success-with-sky-muster...

Maintaining Arianespace's 2015 launch cadence: Ariane 5 orbits Sky Muster and ARSAT-2. Two telecommunications satellites that will provide expanded relay capacity for Australia and Argentina were orbited today on Arianespace’s ninth mission in 2015 – putting the company on track to perform a record 12 flights this year using its three-member launch vehicle family, which consists of the heavy-lift Ariane 5, medium-lift Soyuz and lightweight Vega. Launch of nbn’s second spacecraft a [...]

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