Leaders to Discuss Space Technology's Impact on the Economy | AIAA

By AIAA, Posted 07/22/09

Link: http://mailview.custombriefings.com/mailview.aspx?m=2009072201aiaa&r=3242532-...

"The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (7/21) announced that "aerospace industry leaders will meet on July 27 to discuss how the development of space technology has stimulated the national and global economy, and how space technology can drive future economic growth." The "Space: Stimulating Economic Growth Today and Tomorrow" event will "feature panelists from an array of private space technology companies, analyzing the past, present, and future effects of space technology development on the national and world economy." AIAA President David Thompson said, "Gatherings such as this provide us with the opportunity to reflect on the past influence of space technology on the world's economy, while also allowing us to examine what the future may hold."

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