Water Purification System for Space & Earth: A NASA SBIR-funded Sucess Story

By Umpqua Research Company, Posted 03/01/09

Link: http://sbir.nasa.gov/SBIR/stream/umpqua.qtl

UMPQUA Research Company (URC), founded in 1973 by David F. Putnam and Gerald V. Colombo, offers technical services in four primary areas: 1 Drinking Water and Environmental Analysis, 2 Air and Water Purification Related Engineering Services (including NASA Flight Hardware), 3 Research & Development, and 4 Materials Testing. Working with NASA and major aerospace firms, URC has established a reputation of excellence within the Regenerative Life Support community that is unequaled by any other small business. The developed a biocontaminant prevention system on NASA SBIR grant funding for the Space Shuttle, the EVA backpack system. It has been successfully commercialized for Earth applications in 3rd world nations.

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