About the Regolith Excavation Challenge | 2008 Results

By Matt Everingham, California Space Education & Workforce Institute (CSEWI), Posted 02/10/09

Link: http://regolith.csewi.org/about

An update is provided on the 2008 Lunar Regolith Challenge (worth $750K) that was conducted in August. It is a design and performance competition to move a specified amount of simulated lunar material in a specified time to further future lunar resource utilization. There was no winner this year and plans are still evolving for the 2009 Challenge. This challenge, funded by the NASA Centennial Challenges Program is coordinated by CSEWI. The event is co-hosted by the California Space Authority, California Polytechnic State Univ. and the San Luis Obispo College of Engineering. Also three sponsors are listed.

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