Market rebels and radical innovation - The McKinsey Quarterly (with video)

By Hayagreeva Rao, Posted 01/23/09



In the author’s words…“activists who challenge the status quo play a critical but often overlooked role in promoting…radical business innovation. Their importance stems from the very nature of innovation, which frequently challenges existing interests, norms, values, social practices, and relationships. As a result, the joined hands of market rebels – activists and their recruits – have with surprising frequency exerted significant influence on market acceptance of breakthrough products and services.” The entrepreneurial space community could utilize the CSG to good effect in this very way.


Market Rebels vs Tribes?

From: Richard Mains, 01/30/09

The concept of "market rebels" (a mix of activists and recruits) here seems similar to the concept of "tribes" (a mix of an idea + a leader + followers) that Seth Godin profiles in his book called "Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us" (see "CSG Books"). The synergisms between "market development" vs "movement development" deserve a closer look. I will write an article for "CSG Views" on this soon and am very interested in other's ideas on this in relation to the CSG market development objectives.

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