Editor's Picks

Space Manufacturing 14 Conference: Space Studies Institute

The 14th Space Studies Institute Conference on Space Manufacturing and Space Settlement is set for Oct. 29-31 at the NASA Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley.  The agenda is now available.

Commercial Space Leaders to Gather at NewSpace 2010

This annual Space Foundation Conference (July 23-25, 2010) hosted many influential players in the commercial space scene, both industry and government.  The agenda is available and the major sessions (with slides) were videocast and are archived online (www.spacevidcast.com/) .   

The Change NASA Needs?, Source: Google Images

Endorsements Coming In for Obama's Space Plan

"President Obama’s new plan for NASA, released February 1st, is endorsed by bipartisan groups representing governors, former legislators, astronauts, and former NASA senior managers and a half dozen editorial boards."  See the Commercial Space Federation's links to all and the good news for commercial space.

Commercial Human Space Travel Provides New Research Opportunities

Katharine Sanderson's Special Report in Nature describes how commercial spaceflight can open doors for lower-cost, more frequent, flexible access to space for researchers (subscript or fee req'd).  See free editorial, "Divide and Conquer",  same issue, same topic.

"Person Of The Year: The Space Entrepreneur"

Dave Masten (Masten Space Systems) and Jeff Greason (XCOR) are interviewed by Aviation Week to represent their innovative emerging industry.   Photo compliments of "eSpace", the Center for Space Entreprenership. 

Solar Power Satellites

The latest issue of the "Online Journal of Space Communication" is devoted to Solar Power Satellites. "Evidence is building that 2010 will be the year this turns from an idea to the beginning of reality."

New Course for Space Exploration Promotes Private Firms | WSJ

The Obama administration appears to be charting a new course for U.S. space exploration by promoting use of private companies to transport astronauts and ramping up international cooperation.

Design for Reusability & Rapid Launch

Future NASA launch vehicles must be designed to launch often to support rapid innovation, as is planned for the emerging commercial space planes. 

NASA Chief Onboard with Commercial Spaceflight, Suborbital Science & Innovation Prizes

Bolden says NASA must leverage the power and innovation of American industry and the American entrepreneur as it is tasked to do. 

Space Objectives, Strategies & Payoffs - Spudis Nails It

This must-read Paul Spudis essay, "Augustine Commission and Space Exploration: Objectives Before Architectures - Strategies Before Tactics" points to a sound path ahead, including for commercial space entities.

NASA All a Twitter About Space

Heather Goss, Aviation Week blogger, finds social networking platforms allow NASA to connect with enthusiasts and the public in a way they haven't done in decades. 

"Augustine Committee" Provides Sobering Human Spaceflight Analysis

The Review of U.S. Human Spaceflight Plans Committee sent its preliminary report to NASA and commercial space in LEO looks hot but human exploration beyond LEO looks almost frozen.  Stay tuned.

Your TubeSat Personal Satellite Kit

InterOrbital System's Kit is a low-cost ($8K with launch) alternative to the CubeSat with 3/4 of the mass and volume.

The Commercial Spaceflight Federation's (CSF) Industry Overview Report

This report, developed by the Tauri Group based on CSF member data, shows recent rapid market growth.

Review of Human Spaceflight Plans Committee - Final Report | NASA

Here's the options agenda to support heated discussions over the next few days and weeks by NASA and the Obama administration.  Commercial space seems to be baselined. 

Mike Snead's "The End of Easy Energy and What to do About It"

A detailed analysis of the global energy challenge with two proposed solutions, the key one being space solar power. It is made accessible by being clearly written, containing an Executive Summary, and providing most technical content in the footnotes. This is Snead's gift to the future.

Ex-ESA Officials Claim "Space Tourism is a Hoax"!

Who is selling tickets to people from $20K to $200K to access orbital space?  Not the suborbital spaceflight industry as Engstrom and Pfeffer claim! 

Market Opportunities in Space Workshop: The Near-Term Roadmap

This report summarizes this event jointly-hosted by the Office of Space Commercialization, Space Enterprise Council, and Space Transportation Association, Nov. 2001. This excellent Roadmap remains highly relevant to our community.

Small Aerospace Companies — Space Activities in N. America and Europe

“Although the aerospace industry is dominated by a small group of large companies, a sizeable and diverse universe of small aerospace companies are engaged in space activities (civil, defense/intelligence, commercial). [This includes] all elements of the value chain and provides critical and innovative components, subsystems and mission services to large prime contractors and end-user operators. This whitepaper seeks to develop a greater understanding of the contributions of smaller companies to space missions and operations in North America and Europe.”