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The entrepreneurial space market consists mainly of science and technology-based products, as well as associated technical and business-related services. Let us know if this definition resonates with your view.

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Moon Capital: A Commercial Gateway to the Moon

On 21 September 2010, the Moon Capital Competition will accept entries for the architectural design of an international and commercial lunar habitation.  One category is "Let's Get Serious" and another is "Let's Have Fun". 

Let's Stop Pretending We Can Establish Human Outposts Beyond Earth Orbit

Van Allen Belts,  Source: AstronomyCafe.net We're not ready!  It's time for ISS research on human life support, development and testing of commercial space transport, robotic technologies, and lunar rovers as pathfinders. 

“I’m From the Government and I’m Here to Help”

NASA: A Collaborative Customer, Source: Google Images NASA will be the ideal "Collaborative Customer" for Commercial Space Services as they become available. But what will it require for the Agency to assume that role?

Dramatic Improvements Can Be Made in Spaceflight Safety

Aircraft Escape Cabin on Space Plane Horizontal launch vehicles can utilize aircraft style flight safety characteristics. But risks in these emerging vehicles, especially during development and flight testing, due to rocket propulsion, extreme speeds/altitudes, and aerodynamic heating, warrant a real escape system.

Future Outposts Beyond LEO Require R&D Now

Lunar Life Support, Source: NASA The ability to preserve health is a prerequisite to successful planning for human space exploration in the new Space Age.

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