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Commercial Space Innovations

Space continues to provide a rich innovation ecosystem for commercially-relevant technologies because of the extraordinary challenges involved in exiting Earth, exploring the cosmos, inhabiting planets, and returning to our home planet.

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We Need Cheaper Access to Space: Can It Be Done?

NASA Strategy Struggles,  Source: Winona.edu What's really behind Obama's revised strategy for NASA?  Why is Bolden solidly behind it and convinced that his team, with commercial space partners, can make it happen? 

Future Outposts Beyond LEO Require R&D Now

Lunar Life Support, Source: NASA The ability to preserve health is a prerequisite to successful planning for human space exploration in the new Space Age.

"Planetary Skin" & Commercial Space: Shared Opportunities & Challenges

cisco inc logo The new public-private R&D collaboration between Cisco and NASA called “Planetary Skin”, and the emerging commercial space community share some similar challenges. They both confront major technical hurdles as they pursue their goals and also share major people and organizational challenges and the need to develop strong stakeholder communities, with good public support.

Lessons from Turkey for Global Commercial Space

 Us and Turkey presidents I was a presenter/panelist for a Turkish-American Business Conference on facilitation of bi-lateral business development, and profiled a joint CubeSat project ready for launch. Turkey wants to expand its capabilities in science, technology and innovation to produce new high-tech products. Options were identified to support bi-lateral collaboration relevant to commercial space.

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