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It’s not common to hear about real success stories in entrepreneurial space. We intend to change that by tracking and profiling many of them on the CSG, and are soliciting such stories from all users. So, share your good news!

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Let's Stop Pretending We Can Establish Human Outposts Beyond Earth Orbit

Van Allen Belts,  Source: AstronomyCafe.net We're not ready!  It's time for ISS research on human life support, development and testing of commercial space transport, robotic technologies, and lunar rovers as pathfinders. 

So, Let's Talk About It: The NASA Resources Gap

Norm Augustine, Source: AP How can we lower costs for access to space, create a real space economy, and produce jobs for the future?  Let's talk about it. 

London Cabby Saves US/Soviet Space Mission

London Cab (1970s), Source: Google Images The Editor shares a personal story of near career disaster with salvation by a total stranger. Working on international cooperation and commercialization in space provides chance encounters that sometimes change our lives.  

"Privatization of Space Exploration": A Book Review

/SolomonBookLrg.jpgSolomon provides a very readable quick tour that demonstrates why the entrepreneurial commercial space sector is essential for space exploration. 

From Apollo To The Space Shuttle... Does NASA Inspire?

Recent high-level pronouncements suggest that NASA should be more "inspirational".   However, inspiration cannot be intentionally produced since it is a secondary result of actual accomplishments.     

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