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Commercial Space Opportunities – Partnerships

Business-to-business and public-private partnerships to support research, development and product commercialization by entrepreneurial space entities, are critical for healthy market evolution.

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London Cabby Saves US/Soviet Space Mission

London Cab (1970s), Source: Google Images The Editor shares a personal story of near career disaster with salvation by a total stranger. Working on international cooperation and commercialization in space provides chance encounters that sometimes change our lives.  

"Planetary Skin" & Commercial Space: Shared Opportunities & Challenges

cisco inc logo The new public-private R&D collaboration between Cisco and NASA called “Planetary Skin”, and the emerging commercial space community share some similar challenges. They both confront major technical hurdles as they pursue their goals and also share major people and organizational challenges and the need to develop strong stakeholder communities, with good public support.

Spacefaring: Our Real Prospects for Homesteading Off-Earth?

roundmoon.jpgHuman settlement beyond Earth depends on attaining acceptable risk levels for microgravity effects and radiation impacts.  James Logan, MD, a NASA JSC-based Diplomate in Aerospace Medicine says we have a long way to go.   

"Unpopular Science": Will it Impact Space Commerce?

The article "Unpopular Science" profiles the decline of professional science journalism and we assess the implications for space commerce.

Deepening Democracy and Space Policy 2.0

 kathleen connell A “perfect storm” of emerging trends with new constituents must converge as a “tipping point” in order to increase the civil space funding wedge. This synopsis explores three emerging structural shifts and how they could intersect to help create a consensus to provide more funds for innovative civil and commercial space initiatives. This revitalization of NASA is essential for developing and sustaining the space enterprise for the 21st century.

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