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Innovative, smart collaborations are the backbone of successful entrepreneurial endeavors. Entrepreneurial space is no different, but often extends to collaborations across industry, academic, and government sectors and their global counterparts.

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The French-California Connection – Innovation Clusters!

Franco-American Cooperation, Source: TBD The French government recently established several regional economic development clusters, one being the Aerospace Valley in SE France. It includes a wide range of enterprises, government R&D facilities, universities and research institutes broadly related to aerospace and often-associated “green technologies”. A large French delegation, hosted by the California Space Authority, came to California to discuss potential collaborations and tour relevant organizations and facilities across the State. Significant follow-on activities are proposed.

Why Everyone's Talking Commercial Space

U.S. government space challenges include; major funding constraints, phase-out of old launch systems, new spacecraft development, increased international competition, and space infrastructure upgrades. This "killer" combo is driving private space sector participation for the first time.

Space Policy Updates?: Let's Build On Our Infrastructure!

WhiteHouseIt's space policy review time and we need to align utilization and rebuilding of our space infrastructure with national goals.  That strategy can enrich and inspire us all. 

Lessons from Turkey for Global Commercial Space

 Us and Turkey presidents I was a presenter/panelist for a Turkish-American Business Conference on facilitation of bi-lateral business development, and profiled a joint CubeSat project ready for launch. Turkey wants to expand its capabilities in science, technology and innovation to produce new high-tech products. Options were identified to support bi-lateral collaboration relevant to commercial space.

The Google Lunar X Prize...What is the Value, Besides Prestige for the Winner?

 Jeff Krukin article imagel The Google Lunar X PRIZE is a $30 million international competition to safely land a robot on the Moon, travel 500 meters, and transmit images and data back to Earth. Unlike previous decades where space activity was largely government-funded, companies and organizations are responding to challenges like this and demonstrating that space exploration is no longer limited to multi-billion dollar programs. But what value other than prestige can be gained by participants in this competition? What's the bang for the big bucks?

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