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Space R&D has always included expertise, experiment payloads and emerging technologies from universities. Their students are now involved nationally and internationally in a host of projects, from building rockets to flying microsat payloads, that provide hands-on and education opportunities. Funding is typically via government, industry and foundation grants.

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Future Outposts Beyond LEO Require R&D Now

Lunar Life Support, Source: NASA The ability to preserve health is a prerequisite to successful planning for human space exploration in the new Space Age.

Commercial SubOrbital Science: A Game-Changer for Micro-g R&D

 Richard Mains_Commercial Suborbital Science - A Game-Changer for Micro-g Research Commercially-provided suborbital access can be part of a renewed NASA and other government agency commitment to advancing safe, innovative, affordable and sustainable micro-g research. It can also provide hands-on education/training for the next generation of students and space researchers.

Excitement Reigns at Spaceport America

 Space Port Event With New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, Spaceport America officials and supporters of commercial space development in attendance, the world's first purpose-built commercial spaceport broke ground on June 19, 2009, in southern New Mexico. This event delivered on the promise of an exciting new age for space exploration and development, as well as a bright future for the people of New Mexico and their children.

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