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Commercial Space Satellites

The Earth is ringed by hundreds of satellite systems that serve military, civil and commercial purposes. Commercial satellite systems dominate the space market profitability. Lower-cost options for satellite launches will likely emerge from private entities soon.

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So, Let's Talk About It: The NASA Resources Gap

Norm Augustine, Source: AP How can we lower costs for access to space, create a real space economy, and produce jobs for the future?  Let's talk about it. 

"Planetary Skin" & Commercial Space: Shared Opportunities & Challenges

cisco inc logo The new public-private R&D collaboration between Cisco and NASA called “Planetary Skin”, and the emerging commercial space community share some similar challenges. They both confront major technical hurdles as they pursue their goals and also share major people and organizational challenges and the need to develop strong stakeholder communities, with good public support.

Imagining the Future & Acting Now to Get There

"Lunar Colony in Dome" Source: CalPoly/Pomona Our interrelated national needs to mitigate climate change and develop a space economy infrastructure requires great imagination and actions now.  How to do it?    

Lessons from Turkey for Global Commercial Space

 Us and Turkey presidents I was a presenter/panelist for a Turkish-American Business Conference on facilitation of bi-lateral business development, and profiled a joint CubeSat project ready for launch. Turkey wants to expand its capabilities in science, technology and innovation to produce new high-tech products. Options were identified to support bi-lateral collaboration relevant to commercial space.

Space-Based Solar Power: Hope Gets Hyped?

Space-Based Solar Satellite article imagel If you haven't heard about the announced agreement between the Solaren company to provide space-based solar power to PG&E beginning about 2016, and the utility's guaranteed purchase of it for 15 years, you may have just returned from a trip deep in the Amazon. PG&E notes in a post on their new Next100 blog titled "Solaren: The Media and Pundits Weigh In" , that within two weeks of the announcement it was "reported, analyzed, debated, praised and ridiculed on more than 26,000 web sites". Now, that's buzz, but included in this tidal wave are some good insights into current developments very worth noting.

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