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The International Space Station (ISS) is scheduled for completion in 2010 and includes research and habitation modules developed by its international partners and the US ISS National Lab. Commercial R&D opportunities onboard are being promoted by NASA.

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Do NASA and NewSpace Need Destinations and Deadlines?

International Space Station,  Source: NASA Do the new public and private sector partnerships in space infrastructure development require closer collaboration? 

Let's Stop Pretending We Can Establish Human Outposts Beyond Earth Orbit

Van Allen Belts,  Source: AstronomyCafe.net We're not ready!  It's time for ISS research on human life support, development and testing of commercial space transport, robotic technologies, and lunar rovers as pathfinders. 

Spacefaring: Our Real Prospects for Homesteading Off-Earth?

roundmoon.jpgHuman settlement beyond Earth depends on attaining acceptable risk levels for microgravity effects and radiation impacts.  James Logan, MD, a NASA JSC-based Diplomate in Aerospace Medicine says we have a long way to go.   

"Privatization of Space Exploration": A Book Review

/SolomonBookLrg.jpgSolomon provides a very readable quick tour that demonstrates why the entrepreneurial commercial space sector is essential for space exploration. 

Spacefaring (2): Paths to Realization

/HABOT.lrg.jpgApollo was a "giant leap for mankind", but R&D that can support homesteading should proceed first via the International Space Station. 

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