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The NewSpace personal space transport market is steadily emerging as private sub-orbital vehicles are being developed.

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Scenes From a Spaceport

SpacePort America Runway Dedication: Source: M. Greenberg The tectonic shifts rolling through the American space program were there for all to see.

“I’m From the Government and I’m Here to Help”

NASA: A Collaborative Customer, Source: Google Images NASA will be the ideal "Collaborative Customer" for Commercial Space Services as they become available. But what will it require for the Agency to assume that role?

So, Let's Talk About It: The NASA Resources Gap

Norm Augustine, Source: AP How can we lower costs for access to space, create a real space economy, and produce jobs for the future?  Let's talk about it. 

Dramatic Improvements Can Be Made in Spaceflight Safety

Aircraft Escape Cabin on Space Plane Horizontal launch vehicles can utilize aircraft style flight safety characteristics. But risks in these emerging vehicles, especially during development and flight testing, due to rocket propulsion, extreme speeds/altitudes, and aerodynamic heating, warrant a real escape system.

Inside the Big Suborbital Research Tent

Big Flag Tent,  Source: NeoAvatara The emerging commercial suborbital research community contains an amazingly broad range of stakeholders who need to collaborate for lower-cost space access, resource leveraging, market building, and business success. 

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