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Commercial Space Solar Power

Space solar systems power many orbital satellites, platforms and planet-based rovers. Capture and transport of space-based solar energy across space and to Earth is being studied internationally with significant commercial application potential.

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Space-Based Solar Power: Hope Gets Hyped?

Space-Based Solar Satellite article imagel If you haven't heard about the announced agreement between the Solaren company to provide space-based solar power to PG&E beginning about 2016, and the utility's guaranteed purchase of it for 15 years, you may have just returned from a trip deep in the Amazon. PG&E notes in a post on their new Next100 blog titled "Solaren: The Media and Pundits Weigh In" , that within two weeks of the announcement it was "reported, analyzed, debated, praised and ridiculed on more than 26,000 web sites". Now, that's buzz, but included in this tidal wave are some good insights into current developments very worth noting.

Solar Energy from Space? - Assessing the Commercial Space Gateway!

space-based solar power generators such as this SunTower Space-based Solar Power has been discussed for years within the space community but has become a hot topic of late in part because it potentially could be the big solution to Earth’s energy needs and its relationship to Earth-based solar energy capture systems that are being developed as an alternative to carbon-based fuels. We decided to test the Commercial Space Gateway system’s ability to provide a quick overview of activity in this area. See what we found.

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