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Commercial Space Biotechnology

Biotechnology R&D in space often spawns commercial applications to biomedicine on Earth.

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Commercial SubOrbital Science: A Game-Changer for Micro-g R&D

 Richard Mains_Commercial Suborbital Science - A Game-Changer for Micro-g Research Commercially-provided suborbital access can be part of a renewed NASA and other government agency commitment to advancing safe, innovative, affordable and sustainable micro-g research. It can also provide hands-on education/training for the next generation of students and space researchers.

SpaceBio Special Topic: Biotechnology

The education focused content explores the unique influences of the space environment on living systems including implications for space commercialization.

Microgravity Boosts Microbes' Virulence

Article covering Dr. Cheryl Nickerson’s NASA-sponsored research with Salmonella. She has demonstrated that the microgravity of spaceflight enhances the disease-causing potential of this common bacteria.

Richard Garriott -- More Than Just a Tourist

Richard Garriott, an American space tourist, computer game entrepreneur, and son of former Astronaut Owen Garriott, is now living onboard the International Space Station for 10 days.

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