Welcome to the Commercial Space Gateway

The Commercial Space Gateway (CSG) is built for use by an evolving collaborative community to foster innovation and growth in the emerging commercial space market. The CSG covers the broad “intersection of business with space” and is designed to bring together industry, academia, and government sectors by providing easy access to relevant news, information, insightful analysis, and vetted resources. In addition, we are adding tools to help CSG members (user registration is coming) drive knowledge sharing, collaboration, and resource leveraging. The Commercial Space Gateway builds on our real-world experience in commercial space-relevant R&D and related economic benefits tracking over many years. Our goal is to catalyze development of a healthy ecosystem of companies and organizations serving public, government, and academic stakeholders and thereby help stimulate economic growth. The result will be creation of new products and services that provide a real return on investment and solutions for national and global challenges and sustainable competitiveness.

The creation and growth of entrepreneurial space companies such as SpaceX, Bigelow Aerospace, and Ecliptic Enterprises mark an inflection point where access to space will be more consistently available at lower cost to more people and organizations. In order for industry to meet this challenge, “NewSpace” companies, traditional aerospace companies, government, and academia need to work more collaboratively – funding resource constraints alone demand it. Industry is the primary creator of new lower-cost services and technologies, academia is often a hot-bed of new innovations, and government is the historical funding source, but it increasingly will be a consumer of industry-developed products. Industry product and service innovations in commercial space, some of which come from government-funded and licensed technologies, have a life-cycle that includes research, development, and implementation phases which are critical to understand and track as we will do in the CSG.

Commercial space is currently driven primarily by historically profitable commercial satellite applications but will increasingly include emerging sub-markets like space tourism, cargo transport to space stations, in-space communications coordination, satellite monitoring for disaster mitigation, space solar energy demonstrations, spaceport development, and more. This market expansion is focused on creating new space-related products and services that can be sold for profit. This is usually considered a challenging market with significant barriers to entry because it is technically risky, expensive, competitive and government-driven. As NewSpace markets evolve, these constraints will begin to ease and our goal is to create a Commercial Space Gateway community that will make new business entry and development less risky by facilitating resource leveraging, collaborative innovation, and smart partnering of non-space and NewSpace with traditional space enterprises. Please join us in this endeavor and help create a future that is truly innovative, competitive, and prosperous.

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About Us

A team of Mains Associates staff conceived of and is designing the evolving Commercial Space Gateway in collaboration with several sponsors. Commercial Space Gateway development is led by its Editor, Richard Mains, Founder and Principal Scientist of Mains Associates, a company he established in 1982, that specializes in broadly communicating the value of space research and development to our client’s stakeholders. He has a MS in Physiology and Biophysics and has published 40 research papers in the field as well as many research overviews and mission summary reports.

Mains Associates, in Berkeley, CA, is a small business subcontractor to Lockheed Martin and other prime contractors at several NASA centers. The company provides science analysis, science communication and information systems services to NASA space research projects as well as private sector and university R&D clients, nation-wide. The company has received several NASA certificates of excellence, many awards for spaceflight mission achievements and associated publications, and commendations for its various products and services.