Commercial Space Gateway Author-Analysts

Author-Analysts who write for the Commercial Space Gateway are experts in one or more aspects of the commercial space industry. Each has major experience with NASA and/or the entrepreneurial space market.

Richard Mains &mdash Space applications & benefits, microgravity R&D, innovative collaborations for space commerce

Richard C. Mains is President and Principal Scientist of Mains Associates, a Berkeley-based company specializing in strategic science communications. The company recently celebrated 25 yrs of providing professional services to clients for capturing, writing and communicating the real value produced by their researchers, programs and businesses for key stakeholders. NASA has been a major client over this period but increasingly the company has also extended its services to industry, academia and NGOs. Richard has been an author of over 50 science and technical publications and his company has received several NASA Certificates of Excellence, awards for spaceflight mission achievements and associated publications, and commendations for its IS products and services.

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Kathleen M. Connell &mdash Sustainable commercial space benefits for humanity

Kathleen M. Connell is an accomplished strategic innovator, dedicated to achieving constructive, large-scale social and economic change, as well as the renewable energy missions of communities, organizations, enterprises, initiatives and programs. She has led new initiatives, and founded new for-profit and non-profit entities for NASA, state and local government and for the private sector. Her leadership in successful technical and development projects has generated billions of direct and indirect revenues for the economy and improved capabilities for society. Kathleen has a distinguished science and technology leadership career at NASA, and is a core team founder of the science of astrobiology; an inter-disciplinary science composed of biosciences, earth sciences, space sciences and related fields. In addition to her space expertise, she is currently engaged in providing strategic consultation to clean tech applications and climate change organizations. In San Diego, she is currently developing a menu of new sustainability events with “San Diego Loves Green” and is in a leadership role in the founding of a new sustainability policy coalition.

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Eric Brachhausen &mdash Collaboration facilitator, STEM education, and space technology development

Eric Brachhausen is an innovative and results-oriented manager experienced at leading breakthrough collaborative teams. After an extensive career in finance and banking, he joined American Technology Alliances, where he developed new collaborative relationships in fields such as rotorcraft technology and quiet supersonic flight. His contributions earned him an award from Vice President Al Gore on behalf of the Partnership for Reinventing Government, as well as an award from NASA Headquarters for consortium leadership. He is now working to develop the educational arm of Spaceport America, New Mexico’s new spaceport dedicated to personal and commercial space flight.

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Douglas M. Messier &mdash Space tourism/commercialization, space jobs, space and environmental technology synergism

Douglas Messier is a communications expert with more than a decade of experience with entrepreneurial startups. A skilled analyst with superb written communication skills, He has broad knowledge of the aerospace, Internet, education, and environmental fields. He is an expert in translating scientific and technical concepts for lay audiences and in helping individuals and organizations craft their messages in print and online. Douglas is Managing Editor of Parabolic Arc. Offering “Space Tourism…and Much More,” this popular blog provides daily coverage of space tourism, commercialization, human spaceflight, and other key areas in humanity’s conquest of the final frontier. Parabolic Arc’s combination of up-to-date news and insightful analysis has made this website a must read for anyone who wants to stay informed about the new era of commercial spaceflight.

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Jeff Krukin &mdash IT business strategies, space business development, writer/speaker on global space commerce, space advocacy association executive management

Jeff Krukin is a consultant, writer and speaker with broad expertise in IT, communications, space commerce and space applications. Jeff formerly combined his passions for technology and space as an IBM Systems Engineer at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. His long IT career included independent consulting in strategic business and technology planning and implementation, technical sales, marketing, and communication. In 2004 Jeff shifted his focus exclusively to his space career. Since then Jeff has been Executive Director of the Space Frontier Foundation, the leading U.S. commercial space (NewSpace) advocacy organization. He also led various space consulting projects for the emerging NewSpace industry and its potential contributions to State-level economic development.

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